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本文摘要:Greg Shafer ended a lifelong streak of buyingU.S.-made cars when in August the 53-year-old drove out of a Columbus, Ohio,dealership behind the wheel of a Buick Envision.Greg Shafer完结了这一生中一直出售美国建汽车的习惯,在今年八月份他53岁的时候,他进着一辆别克昂科威从俄亥俄州哥伦布市的经销商那驶进。

Greg Shafer ended a lifelong streak of buyingU.S.-made cars when in August the 53-year-old drove out of a Columbus, Ohio,dealership behind the wheel of a Buick Envision.Greg Shafer完结了这一生中一直出售美国建汽车的习惯,在今年八月份他53岁的时候,他进着一辆别克昂科威从俄亥俄州哥伦布市的经销商那驶进。His $40,000 sport-utility vehicle is one of thefirst cars to be sold in America that was built in China. Mr. Shafer decidedits provenance wasn’t an issue because “once you drive it and experience allthe features, it feels far from a made-in-China car.”他的这辆4万美元的SUV是第一辆在中国生产并在美国出售的车。

Shafer先生具体的回应这辆车在哪里被生产不是问题,因为“当你驾驶员它并体验他的所有功能后,不会让你忘了这是一辆中国生产的汽车。”As the U.S. auto industry’s rising reliance onMexican car factories becomes a hot topic in the 2016 presidential election,customers like Mr. Shafer are delivering a boost to General Motors Co.’smade-in-China strategy.美国汽车工业的茁壮依赖墨西哥工厂早已沦为2016年总统大选的人话题。

对于通用公司来说,像Shafer先生这样的客户沦为了其中国生产战略的助推剂。The No.1 U.S. auto maker in terms of salesstarted selling the Chinese-built Buick Envision in North American dealerships inlate spring, importing relatively small numbers of the vehicles to give a boostto the Buick brand. A few months into the experiment, dealers are clamoring formore because they say most of their customers don’t care where the vehicle ismade.美国名列第一的汽车制造商于春季晚些时候在北美经销商处开始销售少量的中国生产的别克昂科威,以对别克品牌展开提高。几个月的实验后,经销商都吵着要更加多的车,因为他们找到他们的客户显然不在乎车是在哪建的。

“There has been very little pushback,” said Chris Haydocy, co-ownerof the Haydocy Buick GMC in Columbus, where Mr. Shafer bought his SUV. “Mostpeople realize the world is flat now.”“这很少有人拒绝接受”,Haydocy Buick GMC在哥伦布市的合伙人Chris Haydocy说道,Shafer就是在他那卖的车。“大部分人都指出现在的世界是扁平的”。The made-in-China label is a new one for theU.S. auto industry and represents a hurdle due to quality concerns. Cars withbad fit-and-finish and outdated components have been displayed by indigenousChinese auto makers at U.S. auto shows for years, but have never been made availablefor sale here.中国生产是美国汽车产业的一个新的标签,这也代表了一些障碍,由于之前的一些质量问题。

中国本土的制造商早已在美国将其那些劣质的和过时的零件在美国展出多年,但从没在这儿买过。China’s growing reputation for making higher-endconsumer goods such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone has made the idea of Chinese-madecars more acceptable for U.S. buyers, saidMichael Dunne, a strategy andinvestment adviser at Dunne Automotive Ltd.中国在高端消费品例如苹果手机方面快速增长的名声让美国消费者更容易拒绝接受中国生产汽车这一概念,Dunne汽车有限公司的战略和投资顾问Michael Dunne说道。GM’s decision to import the Envision, disclosedlate last year, riled factory workers at home. The United Auto Workers calledit a “slap in the face to U.S. taxpayers” that had financially supported GM inthe 2009 bailout of the auto industry.通用汽车公司于去年年底透露要求进口昂科威,这触怒了那些没工作的工人。美国汽车工人称之为这是“给美国纳税人的一记耳光”,通用汽车在汽车工业方面受到了国家财政反对2009次。

GM said the strategy made sense because Buick,which is one of the largest-selling brands in China, had holes in its U.S.product lineup at a time when low gasoline prices had buyers clamoring for moreSUVs. With ample Envision capacity at a Shandong province factory, executivesdecided to carve out tens of thousands of units and send them to the U.S.通用公司称之为,这个战略是十分有意义的,别克是中国销量最差的品牌,美国在一段时间内对于产品整容具有缺口,当油价暴跌时,消费者不会对SUV有更加多的市场需求。随着山东省的工厂具备充裕的生产能力,管理层要求生产数以万计的车辆并将其送到美国。“This isthe advantage of having such a strong presence in the two biggest markets inthe world,” GM North America President Alan Batey said in an interview. “Wecouldn’t have done it [in the U.S.] if China hadn’t done that vehicle.”“享有世界仅次于的两个市场是十分不利的,”通用汽车北美总裁Alan Batey在专访中说。“我们无法再行美国这么做到,如果没在中国生产。

”Volvo Car Corp., owned by China’s Zhejiang GeelyHolding Group, last year began shipping small numbers of a version of its S60sedan to the U.S. from a plant in Chengdu.由中国吉利有限公司的沃尔沃汽车公司,去年在美国开始少量出售在成都生产的S60型号汽车。In the U.S., Buick barely ranks among the top 20auto brands by sales volume. The brand is a stalwart in China, however, wheresales are quadruple Buick’s annual U.S. volume and more than double whatChevrolet sells in China.在美国,别克只得分列在销售榜前20名。

但在中国别克是一个强有力的品牌,其销售量是美国的4倍,且2倍于雪佛兰在中国的销量。The Envision is built by Shanghai GM, the automaker’s joint venture with SAICMotorCorp., but was designed and engineered by GM at a facility just outsideDetroit. Last week, the Envision earned the top safety rating from theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety.昂科威由上海通用汽车有限公司生产,这是上汽集团和美国通用的合资企业,但车辆的设计是在底特律外的一个工厂已完成的。

下周,昂科威就不会取得由美国公路安全性保险协会测试得出结论的最低安全性评级。The Envision quickly became one of Buick’s topsellers in China as buyers moved to SUVs from sedans and vans. GM sold about150,000 Envisions last year—its first full year on the market—and is on pace totop 200,000 this year, on par with Jeep Cherokee sales in the U.S. The brand isselling more than 1,500 Envisions a month in the U.S. as GM ramps up imports.昂科威迅速就不会代替轿车货车沦为别克在中国最畅销的汽车。通用公司在去年售出了15万台昂科威,这是上市后的第一年,今年计划超过20万台,这相等于切诺基在美国的销量。

随着通用公司进口量的减少,在美国将每月销售多达1500辆的布科威。Greg Heath, managing partner at Mark ChristopherAuto Center in Ontario, Calif., said he is less worried about his customers’perception of the Envision’s Chinese origins than he is about getting more ofthe SUVs. His dealership sells GM vehicles, including Buick.加州安大略马克克里斯托弗汽车中心管理合伙人Greg Heath回应,相比如何取得更好的SUV,他一点也不担忧他的客户对布科威的中国血统有什么观点。

他的经销商销售通用公司的汽车,还包括别克。“We’ll get them in droves from a big shipment,” he said. “Then it’llbe months before we get any more.”“我们每次从一次大宗货运中获得一批货,”他说道。“那么每次要腊等几个月拿将近任何货。

‘Made-in-China cars aren’t expected to become abig part of overall U.S. car sales. Mr. Dunne said other auto makers may shipcars from China to the U.S. as production capacity there surges ahead ofdemand. China’s car factories will have the capacity to make about 40 millionlight vehicles this year, while sales are forecast to hit around 25 million,according to researcher IHS Automotive.中国生产的汽车预计会沦为美国汽车市场的主要组成部分。Dunne先生说道,由于未来对生产能力有剧增的市场需求,其它汽车制造商有可能将汽车从中国运往美国。据研究公司IHS汽车调查,在今年,中国的汽车工厂将有大约4000万的轻型车辆生产能力,而销售额预计将超过2500万左右。

Western auto makers are likely to limit anyexports from China because it is usually more profitable to build cars wherethey’re sold, Mr. Dunne said. There are timing issues, too. U.S. Buick dealerssaid it can take as long as six months to receive a custom-made Envision, morethan double the normal wait time for a vehicle assembled in North America.西方制造商有可能容许任何从中国出口的汽车,因为一般来说来说,在生产地销售更加有利可图,Dunne先生说道。这也有些时间上的问题,美国别克经销商回应,如果必须尤其自定义一辆昂科威必须等6个月的时间,这比出售北美装配的汽车要多一倍的时间。