About Us

After spending 10 years working on top rated television shows and films, and an additional 8 years working for Insomniac Games, Marc Mailand decided that it was time for a new adventure. With audio budgets becoming leaner and professional audio technology becoming more affordable, it seemed that Flash Bomb Audio’s recipe for success was the perfect solution for today’s market.

We have created a powerful, multi-award-winning network of audio professionals, many of whom work out of their home studios. Because of this, our overhead is lower than a traditional post-production facility. We pass this savings on to you, and  you sacrifice nothing in terms of the quality you expect.

Our Team

Our nimble and flexible team can easily scale to match the requirements of your project and timeline. We will work with you and your team to develop an audio strategy that suits your budget, and exceeds your expectations.


Marc Mailand is a multi-award-winning Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, and Mixer.

Marc’s extensive knowledge of sound, across all mediums, along with his talented network of friends served as Marc’s inspiration to form “Flash Bomb Audio” - The Leading Creative Network of Audio Professionals. 

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Eric Freeman is an multi-award-winning Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, and Mixer.

With over fourteen years of professional experience Eric knows the problems, pitfalls and pressure that it comes with getting today’s productions done right.

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Roy Braverman is a multi-award winning Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer and Composer.

Roy Braverman’s life revolves around the world of music and sound.  He has attained creative and technical excellence in a number of diverse disciplines.

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Jeff Hutchins is a multi-award-winning Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, and Field Recording Specialist.

Jeff Hutchins has scanned the globe on a quest to record the world’s most interesting sounds. Jeff always provides a unique palette of sounds for every project.

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